Training and enrichment walks for dogs

The walk will be only for the dog (not the owner) and it will last up to 2 hours. During the session, we'll be working with a single dog and will build their skills in obedience, lead walking and recall. We will teach fun games and tricks, as well as learn about the dog's needs and how to improve their quality of life and well-being.

This service will include:

  • 3 x 10-minute long obedience sessions.

  • 30-minute sniffari and scent work.

  • 30-minute active physical exercise.

  • 30-minute perfect walk companion training.

If required, after every 4 sessions, we will create a written assessment and provide written feedback with suggestions.

The price per walk is £ 40

a man walking a dog through a forest
a man walking a dog through a forest
black short-coated large dog
black short-coated large dog

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the sessions, feel free to contact us.